• Health Care Provider Training Tools Mapping Summary (Emergency Contraception) 07-08-2014

training tool EC healthcare providers

ICEC conducted a review of materials to train health care providers, with special attention paid to training pharmacists, on emergency contraception (EC) to examine the tools/curricula that already exist, and identify the strengths and gaps of each. A total of five training curricula that could potentially serve as frameworks for a newly-developed curriculum were identified. These curricula include:

1)    Youth-friendly Pharmacy Program Implementation Kit: Guidelines and tools for implementing a youth-friendly reproductive health pharmacy – Session 3: Emergency Contraception (Path, 2003)

2)    Emergency Contraception Provider Training (Path, 2004)

3)    Comprehensive Reproductive Health and Family Planning Training Curriculum: Module 5 – Emergency Contraception (Pathfinder, 2000)

4)    Emergency Contraceptive Pills, 2nd Edition (Pathfinder, 2007)

5)    Manual for Building Capacity of Trainers and Program Managers in Emergency Contraception (Population Council, 2008)

In addition, four other tools were identified. These tools were designed for instructional purposes and as such, have components written in an instructional format that could be adapted and included in a new curriculum.