• Landscape synthesis – enumeration manual 05-11-2015


The purpose of this manual is to serve as a guide to enumerating the Landscape Synthesis of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) and Life-Saving Interventions & Commodities (LSCs).

The Landscape Synthesis tool is designed to profile the status of RMNCH programs and key commodities. This process systemically gathers information on RMNCH programs and the state of manufacturing, import, procurement, regulation, quality control, supply and utilization of 13 life-saving RMNCH commodities.  Most of this information already exists in the form of national strategic plans, essential medicine/medical device lists, training materials, sector reports, and related documents.

The primary purpose of the Landscape Synthesis is to rapidly collate, synthesize, and regularly update this information and to track country progress against gaps that have been identified. Document reviews are accompanied by semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in the Ministry, procurement and regulatory agencies, and with local experts.